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Our stock of Cyder Press Publications has been very popular and new publications are being produced regularly

The Cyder Press is an imprint originally established by the Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education (now the University of Gloucestershire) as an extension of the resources provided by its existing Dymock Poets Archive and Study Centre. 
he latter promotes interest in the work of a group of poets who briefly gathered in the village of Dymock, on the north-western borders of Gloucestershire, just before the First World War. Lascelles Abercrobie and Wilfrid Gibson were the founders of the community, to be joined by Robert Frost in 1914; visitors in the months that followed included Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas, John Drinkwater and Eleanor Farjeon. 
Four issues of a literary periodical, New Numbers, featuring the work of Abercrombie, Brooke, Gibson and Drinkwater, were produced before the Great War brought about the group's demise.

The principal function of The Cyder Press is to reprint long out-of-print or little-known works by the Dymock Poets themselves, and by other cognate writers with regional, literary or period connections. Each volume has an introduction by a contemporary scholar, and a brief indication of further reading for those who may wish to explore an unfamiliar writer's work in greater depth.

The Press also publishes the annual Laurie Lee Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the University of Gloucestershire and presented at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature. Delivered in October, the speaker is a well-known writer or critic lecturing on a topic suited to the occasion, although not necessarily on Laurie Lee's work.

A limited and numbered "fine-art" edition of ROBERT FROST'S little known children's stories, As Told to a Child with colour plates of illustrations by his own children, introduced by Dr Lesley Lee Francis,
Frost's granddaughter.

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